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Whether you’re looking to modernize your home, give it fresh, new look, or if you’re preparing your home for a sale, one of the best ways of doing it is to remodel your bathroom.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done, though. The following bathroom remodel ideas should help you to make the perfect make over happen.

Bathroom remodel ideas can sometimes throw us off a little bit. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming. Whether you have a small bathroom or large, whether you’re looking to modernize or go for a vintage look then some of the best bathroom remodel ideas can be some of the smallest changes and have the largest impact.

Bathrooms are heavily used in the home. There is a lot of wear and tear that builds up over time and even a relatively “new” bathroom can look older than its years. Not only that, remember your bathroom plumbing is essential to comfortable living and a few touch ups and make-overs can ensure that your tubs, sinks and commodes all remain in proper working order.

Remember, not all bathroom remodel ideas need to be drastic changes consisting of gutted walls and brand new utilities. Check out these ideas that will give your bathroom a brand new look while at the same time not all require a contracting crew to enter your home and take it over!

Wall Tiles

To modernize the look of your bathroom, replace 4 x 4 bathroom tiles with larger tiles. Most contractors and professional designers will suggest going with a tile that 8 x 13 ceramic tiles that are glaze finished.

The large tiles mean that there are less cracks and meeting points where moisture can get in and this helps prevent mold. For a crisp look, you should paint the upper portion of the walls that you plan to tile then place a strip of decorative tiles once the tile portion begins.

Floor Tiles

If you want to give your bathroom the sense of enlarged area then a floor tiling remodel of your bathroom floor can get it done. If you use 12 x 12 floor tiles and arrange them diagonally then the appearance of your bathroom will be greatly improved and give the illusion of much more floor space.

Bathroom Faucet

Don’t underestimate the impact that new and modern looking faucets can have on your bathroom remodeling project. Once considered an after-thought of bathrooms, faucet assemblies have become a modern, sleek and, in some cases, down-right genius.

At very little impact to your wallet you can do just about anything with faucets, from vintage Victorian to modern faucets that will turn on and off without even touching it.

Toilets and Commodes

If you want to keep plumbing modern and do a check on it, then consider changing the location of your toilets and commodes. This allows plumbers to take a look at the plumbing of the bathroom while at the same time the re-location of the toilet and getting a new one will definitely change the entire look of your bathroom.

Lighting and Fixtures

Here is real most people with bathroom remodeling ideas really miss the boat. There is no sense in remodeling a bathroom with all sorts of new looks if you keep the same lighting. In fact, just changing the lighting in a bathroom can have the largest impact on giving it a whole new look.

Simply changing the location of lighting fixtures can do the trick. Also, this is a great opportunity to go a little green and improve the energy efficiency of your home. This will save you money in the long run and also be a great selling point if you ever put your home on the market.


Here’s another luxury option, but if you have the room for it then this could change your entire outlook of your bathroom. If your space is large enough then it’s time to separate the shower and the tub. By keeping the two separate you can use the shower for quick bathing options while at the same time keeping your tub handy for an in-home spa treatment. You can even add a hot tub like element your tub and enjoy those long baths and relaxation times like you’ve always wanted to.

Color Changes

Along with lighting, this is another small change that can have a great impact. By changing the color scheme of your bathroom without doing anything else then your bathroom can have an entirely different look. Don’t just think walls and tiles, either. You can change the color scheme of towels and decorations as well for a completely different look.

Storage Ideas

By de-cluttering your bathroom you can add extra space and even give your bathroom a different look. If you install a vanity or in wall, nook-style storage area in your bathroom then you can really gain the appreciation of everyone using your bathroom as well as giving you the luxury of having a cleaner and more spacious bathroom to do more remodeling, such as changing the location of your toilet.

Floor Heating Systems

This may be considered by many as an option of luxury but those who do go with heated floors will swear by it. Not only are heated bathroom floors a great selling point if you ever put your house on the market but it will also be greatly appreciated by all in the home when it comes to chilly conditions. Remember, if you decide to retile your bathroom floor then whether you install heated floors will need to be decided prior to that step.

Those are some ideas of bathroom remodeling. Check our next bathroom decoration ideas. Have a nice day!

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